Day 1


I’ve been a nurse for about 10 years now and I still look back on that day and get squeamish. Everyone who walked into that room had the same look one their face. All of us were excited about being accepted into the Nursing Program and absolutely terrified at the same time.

Would we pass all the tests? Could someone actually get kicked out? Would it be me???? Over the next 12 weeks we would lose a couple people. One quite spectacularly, one quietly and we would form some great friendships but again, let me back track to day one.

Our teacher walked in the door introduced herself handed us a math test and said we had 15 minutes to complete it. I started hyperventilating just a little bit, the guy next to me looked at the test for about 2 minutes jumped up and ran to the bathroom (to vomit or pee we never will know) and everyone else was white as a ghost.

Once we were done it was another 6 hours of lecture, handing out paperwork, introductions of each other (I think) and at some point we did have lunch. Yeah, We survived the day I didn’t say we walked out though. More like crawled to the car in tears and hoped to God the next day wasn’t as grueling as this……….




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