Day 2

I woke up that next morning and seriously thought about quitting nursing school. The list of reading the teachers had dumped on us was INSANE. Literally, 300 pages in a week. My life was no longer my own. That is the moment that I made the choice. Either, I quit and walk now or just “grit me teeth” and get it done. Obviously, I choose the “get it done”. It would be the most painful choice but I’ve never regretted it. I walked back into class that morning and looked to see if anyone was missing. Nope. Not Yet. I blew out a sigh of relief. Then choked on the relief when the teachers handed out more reading lists. Now it was 400 pages and the list of expectations for hospital dress codes (goodbye piercings) and oh if you got less than 70% on a test GOODBYE. I felt a panic attack!!! The girl next to me got up and left the room. I figured she was crying in the hall. Man this was going to be an adventure……


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